Party Time & Tim's Pimm's

Champagne. In flutes. From France. 

 (Because we all know Champagne is only from Champagne, France. No American Californ-I-A bubbly here darlings. That's simply sparkling wine. TA! I laugh because I didn't know this two years ago. I assumed all bubbles meant champagne. But then again, I do buy wine -in-O-box.)

'Nuf said.

This is Pimm's:

A summer tradition in England.

Mix with lemonade, bitters, Cointreau, and if you're Tim-- add  a splash (or two or three) of Gin.

Chop up fresh fruit and add to the mix.

Sip accordingly whilst pondering the complexities of life.
(or not)...

I was so busy pontificating I forgot to take pictures of our Pimm's and the gorgeous carafe it was served in. Ahhhhhh...I chalk it up to getting "pissed".  (That's "drunk" in Amerglish.)

On another note, I mentioned never having tried Port. Being of good English stock, the hosts graciously pulled out a fine bottle of Port and served baked Camembert as well.

 (Such class I tell you. It's intimidating.)

If you're unfamiliar with Port, since we don't often drink this in America, here is a tidbit from Wiki: (Yes, I'm a total dork and research everything and anything when it pops into my head.)

"Port became very popular in England after the Methuen Treaty of 1703, when merchants were permitted to import it at a low duty, while war with France deprived English wine drinkers of French wine. The long trip to England often resulted in spoiled wine; the fortification of the wine was introduced to improve the shipping and shelf-life of the wine for its journey."

We even had a rainbow.

Another must mention is the totally RAD 1980's soundtrack playing in the background. Like a typical music snob, I brought my iPod -- just in case....Much to my fancy I didn't need to pull it out. The Cure was on call, Nena, Tears for Fears (oh dear), and many more. Discussions of Molly Ringwald and John Hughes films ensued.

It couldn't have been better.
Thanks Friends. X


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  1. beautiful pictures! love the one with the sunlight streaming through the trees the most.


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