Make a Lavender Sachet in minutes.

My wonderful neighbor brought me some lavender the other day.
It smells so heavenly, absolutely pure and clean.
I decided to make some sachets, an easy five minute craft project.

♥ Put one in your  négligé drawer for extra loveliness. Oh oui!

This is how I made mine:

(Note: I used dried peas for the filler, dried lentils or beans would be fine too.)

I used a funnel to make it easier...

Sew the opening closed, carefully. Don't let your needle hit the peas or it might break.

Put this sachet inside the outer covering and sew around all sides carefully.
You might want to use pins to hold it together.

There it is. Embellish as desired. 
 The one I made has ruffles, the same way I did the Recycled Rainbow Pillow .

Simple & pretty. I like it like that.

Ready for gift giving.

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