DIY Ticket / ID or cash card Holder

I ride the train a lot here in England. I find it's just easier than driving. I made this to hold my train tickets, cards for taxis, credit cards, ID, whatever...

(Project completed at night, so my pics are less than ideal. Ooooops.)

Cut two pieces of oilcloth at 8.5 x 4.5 inches

Cut two pockets of vinyl at 3 x 4.5 inches

Buy a packet of extra wide double fold bias tape (or make your own.)

Put a teflon (or non-stick) foot on your sewing machine--it will make life easier for this project. Seriously.

Cut some bias tape and sew it on one long edge of each vinyl piece. These edges will face inwards toward each other later, so make sure they match up alright...as in thread color. Don't be like me and get lazy by not matching the bobbin thread. Argh!

Pin the pockets onto the RIGHT side of one body piece.

like this:

Sew it on or baste if you prefer. We add bias next, so it's ok to baste stitch.

Nevermind my previous stiches that I had to pull out....grrrrrrr.

Now add the other body piece to the back, so that the right side is facing out. The bias gets wrapped around all layers. Check that bias before stitching....just sayin'. (!!)

Add the bias tape all around the edges mitering the corners if you can. I kinda stink at mitering....

Sew it all on.

Because I'm no good at mitered corners, I added ribbon to the front side to hide my mess. TA!

 Please excuse my glue gun. It wears a wig. I know....so gross. But I just can't be bothered.

All done. Now go hop a train.


Stay tuned for a smaller version of this next week....I'm thinking skinner.


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