New Market Horse Races-an English experience.

 My hat before dressing...we "rented" hats, it's all the rage in England.

New Market Ladies Day is one of the "go-to" events of the summer in Suffolk. Everyone goes to be seen, wearing their finest duds and sporting their finest attitudes.  (not)

Did I mention I L-O-V-E England? Scotland (heart skipped a beat on that one)- Ireland?

 All of it. It's not just the accents that intrigue me, it's the lifestyle. The panache. 
The poignant history that surrounds the countryside I live in. It's absolutely intoxicating. 
 Okay-ok--enough with that already! Cheesh. (I'll take a chill pill.)

But seriously, where else could I wear a hat like this and not get a beating?
 (Stateside I mean...the Kentucky Derby? I don't know, never been.)

Von's heels & parasol.

 Horses worth over 30 million pounds...that's like 50 million dollars. Per horse.

People watching was the highlight for me.
Nevermind winning, but we did-several times!

I'll end with this:

Source: None via Agne on Pinterest



  1. Lol!! You're so funny! You know there's so much we take for granted here, all the historical stuff is just there, all the mad customs like ladies day at the races.. It's nice to see it through fresh eyes :-) oh, and I love the hat!

  2. I was just talking to someone about this. The hats are the best part! I just want to go so I can wear a pretty hat : )


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