Bits of a Home Makeover.....

Painting furniture amidst the parking lot:

Sewing some pillow covers: eyelet, linen, and ruffle mania.
It's madness I tell you.

English homes are notoriously dark...well, the old ones anyways. So we've lived with a dark bathroom for two years and I grew tired of it. I took down the shower curtainremoved the large mirror in front of the window, and cleaned the windows till I was high on toxic fumes. (Nice.)

I forgot to take a "before" shot-----duh.  Sigh.  I can't remember my ass from my elbow sometimes.

It's not visible, but I have a nice shot of the arc de triomphe on the wall--in black and white.

I often find myself in a romantic reverie with Paris, not the Hilton one
 It's probably my weakness for Anais Nin and her escapades while in Paris...Have you read Henry and June ? It'll make your eyes pOp!   (LOL)

Anais Nin Cuban-French Author

How does home decor coexist with Anais Nin?
Random. That's how my brain works, I hope you can cope friends.
Till later, peace out.

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