Turn a onesie into a dress in minutes!

I cut this onesie in half, then made a skirt out of cotton fabric and attached it to look like a dress, so that Ruby can still wear it. I adore stripes and dots, and this gets more use out of barely worn baby clothes. The onesie is knit, so it's stretchy --and of course still fits Ruby on top.

To make the skirt I did the formula: waist measurement x 3= cut piece of cotton

So for Ruby, it was about 60 inches wide by 12 inches in length. I then hemmed the bottom, stitched up the side, and gathered the top portion to fit the circumference of the onesie. Then I sewed it on right sides together and finished the seam so it won't fray. 
Turned out kinda cute, yes? :o)

If you have any questions on how I did this just email me-I'm always happy to share!

What a monkey!



  1. This dress is so darling. How creative you are girlie....Ruby looks adorable in it.

  2. great idea! I won't be able to turn onesies into dresses :( uummmmm....maybe a onesie turned into a jumper?? hahahaha

  3. This is adorable! My baby is long and skinny, so lots of onesies don't really fit her (most are made for chubby babies, and I don't make that kind...).

    I'll have to store this idea away for the day she starts walking. Skirts and dresses are getting in the way of her crawling lately.

    Thanks for the tutorial!


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)