Jean shorts with Lace TUTE (tutorial)

Do you have enough moxie to sport lacey jean shorts? Of course darling-now go on! 

1. Pick out a pair of jeans you loath:
(I rather liked these, but they've become too stretched out over the years.)

2. Cut them to desired length for shorts. Angle it a bit-slanting from outside to in, so they're higher on the outside than at the crotch. Gross word.

This pic isn't accurate, I cut them again later to angle more. Always cut less than you think, then try them on first before cutting more.

3.Find some lace and cut it into long strips that will go around the circumference of the pant opening.

4. Pin the lace (after turning shorts inside out) to the lower edge, overlapping about 1 inch or so. SEW this on with matching thread to the jeans in your bobbin.

Optional step: destroy the shorts a bit with sandpaper and pulling the threads at the cut edge. This gives a nice vintage look.

 I used hard core sandpaper, especially around the pocket edges, belt loops, button fly, and edges. I think it's totally  hot.

Another optional step: create denim ruffle to put on edge of short (see pics). Cut long strips of denim from the leftover pant legs, about 1 inch wide, and sew a gathering stitch down the center.

You'll have a pile-o-ruffle:

Then go out and sport your new shorts with some attitude.
 I wish I could wear these to GLASTONBURY with my green Wellies,but that will have to wait till 2013.

(Me giving the rainy sky some attitude.)



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