Easy Breezy Summer Skirt

This is so simple to make. Seriously.

Cut fabric 2x waist measurement and however long you want the skirt plus seam allowance.
After pressing, sew up the side seam right sides together. Hem. For the waistband I just did a simple elastic one- fold over 1/2 inch (press), then fold another 1/2 inch and press. Sew all the way around the bottom leaving 4 inches open to insert elastic in. (Insert elastic with a fat safety pin and make sure it's not twisted when you sew it together.) Once elastic is sewn together sew opening shut.  Done.

My measurements: fabric (2) pieces    52 inches x 20
Sew with 1/2 inch seam allowance, and pink the edges so they won't fray. (OR you could serge them.)
Hem lastly if you aren't sure where your best fit is---I've learned mine is just right above my knee.

♥ Send me pics if you make one! I'll post them if you like.


  1. Love it--you look great! I make this kind for my girls all of the time. You can't beat how fast and fun they are can you?


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