We've just returned from Cornwall, England.

It was breathtaking. I cannot explain in words the power I felt at Tintagel castle and grounds. Stunning beauty, windswept terrain, broken rocks, and a turbulent ocean all come together to evoke this sense of timelessness. Not an easy place to get to, Tintagel even today is in its own world.  
It IS like a movie.

In short, (to me) Tintagel is perfect.

I loved Penzance, St.Ives, and Marazion as well. The Cornish people are so friendly, I thought for a moment I was back in the good 'ol Midwest (Shout out to my peeps in Illinois/Wisconsin!)....


Tintagel post office building:



Our hotel in Marazion The Godolphin Arms (I highly recommend this place-super friendly and lovely rooms too.)

St.Michael's Mount in Marazion:

On the Steam Train at Bodmin:


Time to go back home.

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  1. We lived in Surrey for 3 years as my husband was getting his PhD, but live back in the States now. The first year we were there, we tried to visit all the best places in England (how can you do that in one year of weekends???!!!).
    Tintagel was one of our first, and favorite, places. We went around New Year's Day, I think, and it was COLD!! And my husband wanted to climb to the top, and I am SUPER afraid of heights, and then there's that path along the rocks coming down? Oh, my legs were jelly. But it was beautiful. And I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that (a) people built that castle with their bare hands, (b) people lived up there without the modern conveniences like glass windows and central heating, and (c) HOW long ago it was actually built. Amazing!
    Cornwall really is a lovely area of England. Most of England is lovely, but it's nice to go somewhere new. :o)
    Thanks for the memories!


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