A Pretty Life in the Suburbs guest post (yay!)

Hi!  I'm Jo-Anna, from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs!

Happy, happy to be featured over here at hungryhippie! 
Thank-you so much!

So today, I wanted to share my Chalkboard Paper obsession with you!  
Yes, I am addicted to Chalkboard paper!
The labeling possibilities with this stuff are endless!

I found this roll of chalkboard paper/sticker at Michaels.
And I found this cute little punch at Michaels as well!
A perfect combo for a labeling project (or 20 projects...just sayin')!

Let the labeling begin!

These jars are my faves!
They are real vintage Mason Jars, and they are my treasures!
I use them to store all my pantry stuff, so I labelled them all!

Functional and fabulous!

So pretty!

Then I went crazy in the spice cabinet!

And with my sugar bowls!

Oh wait one more!
I labelled my coffee canister too.  Crazy I know!
(...this is where I won't mention that I actually labelled a garbage can in my laundry room.  Yes I did.) 

So come on by my lil' blog, A Pretty Life in the Suburbs, and see what else I'm up to!

Thanks again hungryhippie!

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