I've been busy making a quilt for a friend of mine.....
Thank you Mother for all your help and guidance! ♥

Custom polka-dot binding, made with my Simplicity machine.

Patchwork on the back, made with bits from past sewing projects, clothing, and new fabrics. This part took the longest, but the effect is well worth it.
Free motion quilting done with my Viking machine.
 (Or shall I concede Mother did that part? heehee)

My lens wasn't snapped on correctly here, but you get the picture, right?

I love the pOp of the Houndstooth!

Back view, though fuzzy. Why didn't I realize my camera had been smuggled away by the Ruby?

Thanks for looking.
 This was a giant endeavour, and any support I received was greatly appreciated.
Special thanks to: Mother,  Father (for babysitting,) Lisa, Emily, Molly,
and my kiddos-for being so patient.

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