The dresser if finally finished.

I ModPodged it with Hunky Dory fabric 
and painted it pink. I then "aged" it by sanding it down and adding some white in there.

In all, it's girly, and that's what we like around here.

It matches our scrap bustin' duvet. I think this is the most gorgeous fabric I've ever seen.

My freshly made Shabby Chic pillow will fit right in.

The wee babes love it in here.
What's better than pink, satin pillows, flowers, and dollies?
Nothing my sweet. Nothing.

Well....perhaps chocolate covered berries make a close runner up.

Come back soon friends.


  1. I love the dresser! It's incredibly cute! And I agree with you about the lovely fabric in pink and turquise! Where do you buy all your lovely fabric?
    Tomorrow I will have some friends for a crafting night. We will try those yo-yo's you wrote about before. Enjoy the spring! Monica

  2. Beautiful photos! I love that dresser!

  3. Hey hey hippie girl ;) Thanks for your comment...yes...ITALY!! 15 DAYS!!! Hey I LOVE the fabricised dresser idea...it looks soooo soft and feminine...where DO you get those fabrics? just gorgeous! I love the picks of your babes...just so beautiful ;)
    ciao for now, mi amica
    jessie xx


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)