Am I nuts?
I thought it was kinda cool. Quarky, but cool.

 A Vinyl Glitter bib.
Ruby is more distracted turning her bib up and down than eating. Oops.

I've been on a vinyl kick lately. To see more click here for an organizer or here for jewels.

This one ended up a tad BIG...

These two turned out fab.

This is how I made them:

Cut two pieces of vinyl measuring roughly 7.5 inches across and 6 inches tall.

Get out  a package of extra wide double fold binding tape.
 I use Wrights, or make my own.

You will need at least 40 inches of this, give or take for your baby's fit.

Choose the items to go inside:
(make confetti with a paper punch, poms, glitter, pictures, even magazine pages. The possibilites are endless.)

Pin the binding over the top portion like this and sew it on.

Insert the items and pinch it closed. The vinyl sticks to itself pretty well, so it should stay put.


Place the remaining binding equally over the rest of the bib, matching the neck ties so they are even. This is one continuous strip of binding--so if you need to find the center just fold it in half and press.

Put this crease mark in the center bottom of the bib.

 I coaxed it around the curved edge with my iron VERY carefully. Vinyl will melt--so be careful!

Pin in place and sew it on.

 Clip the threads and pink the edges of the binding ends for a decorative touch. Binding won't fray, it's cut on the bias.
 Did you know that about fabric? I just learned if you cut it on the bias it won't fray. Awsome.


  1. Cool idea, I love it! One question though. For the glitter filled one, how did you sew on the top bias tape and then fill without make a motherload of a mess? Or did you fill it when you were almost done with the long bias piece?

  2. Amber- I used a funnel to put the glitter in the bib, after sewing most of the binding on already. Then I sewed it up. Yeah, that coulda been a mess! ha

  3. I LOVE this!! I get frustrated sewing on vinyl, but I always want to do these vinyl projects as soon as you share them--they are great!! I am definitely going to have to make some of these for gifts!


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