We had an amazing day here in England. Viewing a real Princess marry her Prince...ahhhhh (sweet sigh.)
A wonder-filled and absolutely lovely experience.

I made this onesie for Ruby to sport during the festivities.

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  1. Ohh Natalie... your little chickens!!! soooo cute! mickey mouse! hehe..I loved it. And I LOVE the fabrics you made you 'duvet' cover out of...you have the BEST fabrics..even when they're your scraps..what the???
    I too loved the royal wedding..sooo beautiful..stayed up till 12.30am to see 'THE KISS'!!..well, both of them! stupid me..sooo tired next day ;)
    Love getting your feeds into my inbox every day, even when I can't/don't comment...makes me smile!
    I gave some pin backs and clips to a young friend this weekend and she was SO excited to be inspired to create...THANKS to you!!
    have a great week miss!
    counting down 24 days till i go to Italy ;)- just thought I'd throw that in there!! hehe..
    ciao bella!
    jessie xx


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