Vintage Jewelry Repurpose

It was Earth Day yesterday. 
 I dug out some old jewelry and repurposed it. 
My personal version of "recycled fashion".

Get out some pliers, super glue, and jewels.

Bust off the back piece if it's an earring, or whatever hardware you may be dealing with.
I find pliers do the trick most of the time.

Put some glue on your new hardware (mine is a ring blank).

Ring blanks,earring posts, clips, and hair barrettes are easily found at craft shops like Michael's and Hobby Lobby.
I found some online as well-check  createforless.com

Set it away for 6-8 hrs or 24 if you can stand it.
I'm usually too impatient, but I try.

Whoop! There it is....

easy. simple. fun.


  1. That ring is gorgeous - I've been doing this with all my old brooches lately - must be something in the air :O)

  2. oh so fun! love the new bling. great way to repurpose something that just probably would have been tossed.


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