To wear a hat- a tutorial

Embellish a hat with a hat belt-totally removeable and customizeable....is that a word?

What you need:

Gather a needle and thread, a long piece of wide ribbon or fabric*, a faux flower, and (optional) a glue gun.

*If you don't have a ready made wide ribbon, just sew one up by taking a six inch wide piece of fabric and fold it in half right sides together. Sew up the long side, turn it right side out again and press.

Take your faux flower and cut off the stem.

Attach it to the wide ribbon at the desired place with needle and thread. (If you want an easier option, use a glue gun :o)
Mine is attached off center, from the left about 6 inches or so. You will be able to adjust your hat belt, so don't fret about where you attach it.
Just be sure it's opposite the velcro ends.

See where mine is?
Measure where the belt ends need to meet up, and place a pin where the velcro should be sewn on.
Remember-velcro or (hook and loop) will need to match up-so one side will be on the "front" of the ribbon, and the other velcro piece will be on the "back" side of the ribbon.

Sew velcro pieces on to each end.

Clip off excess ribbon.

 Slip on the hat belt and carry on with your day in
Royal fashion.

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