Photo Montage No.1

Recent Works.
(My humble quest to make my own clothing.)

From upper left corner: Retro Vogue Taffeta Skirt, Vogue skirt closeup, Stretchy bitty ruffles skirt, Honey Girl Top, Bitty Ruffles skirt, Burda Panel Skirt in rose tattoo, & Honey Girl dress. Large photo is smocked waist skirt with red chiffon layer.

Now go sew my friend.
And put the kettle on too. Nothin' like sewin' & sippin' (tea).

Thanks for being my model Kat.


  1. Everything looks so pretty! I need to get sewin' too! ;)

  2. The things you've made look great! I really like the fabrics you've chosen, especially the 'pink tatooed'! I wish I could sew like that! Monica

  3. Ooh ..I like your photo montage..cute as clothes ;) Love the fabric of/and red buttons bottom right. Makes me want to sew...as if I had time! But I am doing some preserving..it's autumn here.. i have a photo montage of my own goin on ;) ..well collage maybe..who knows! picasa I love you!
    ciao bella
    jess xx

  4. These are so pretty and inspiring :D


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