Scrappy Patchwork Blankets

A couple quick blankets for my kids, made with scrap fabrics and satins.  This first one has a backing of regular satin, which was not easy to sew.

Anyone know how to keep it from stretching and bunching up whilst sewing it to cotton?

Bug loves it. She calls it her "B I G silky".

This one is made with Japanese voile cotton-which is super soft. I loved the little sheep print, perfect for sleepy time. The back is crepe back satin, a very easy fabric to keep in place.
(Note for self-buy crepe satin.)

Hooray for another 6 yards of fabric being put to use!
It's so satisfying to see it come together. Do you agree?
Do you feel like leaping through the air when a project is finished, no matter how big or small? Or is that just me? heeehee


  1. LOVE the first ome,you are ever so clever!

  2. So nice for your babies......love them.

  3. These are gorgeous! I LOVE your fabrics!

  4. What's not to love about these lovelies? They are awesome! xxx


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