Making Paper Seed Pots (green energy)

Got old newspaper, magazines, or junk mail?
Make flower pots from them-or seed pots like I did.

They will decompose in the soil when you transplant them outside, or you can throw them in the cardboard recycle bin.
 Either way it's re-use and recycle at its best.

This is what I did:

Cut strips of paper as big as a toilet paper roll.
 Paper towel rolls work too, cut into pieces. Another option is to use the toilet paper rolls as the pots themselves-but I didn't have that many on hand.

THIS is the "mould".

Don't tape it here as I have pictured-duh. Just wrap the paper around the tissue roll and roll, roll, roll.

Secure at the end with a tiny piece of tape:

Slide the paper off, fold in the bottom.

Plant your seeds and water. I put my army of paper pots in a baking dish about 1.5 inches deep, or 3cm.
This is to prevent spillage of water or compost.

Set in a window sill and watch the magic!

Happy Growing!


  1. This is so great. I am doing a "green" themed craft segment on the morning show that I am on and this would be so perfect. I am doing some "going green" ideas. This is just so lovely.

  2. I have even heard of planting right in the TP tube! A good idea for a teacher...we always plant something in the spring to watch/experiment how things grow...I'm going to link this to my blog :) xoxo

  3. Cool Teacher! Link away. :o) Yeah, I've seen planting them in the tubes but I didn't have many saved up....next time.


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