Vintage Romance & Textures

I made this capelet a while ago and just got around to taking some pics. Made with chiffon, it was super easy & quick. 

 I like something over my shoulders in the summer, that was the idea behind it.

 I double rolled the hem, though now I've learned that a serged rolled hem would look fab.
 Learn something every day, that's my motto. :o)

Since we're on a vintage theme:


  1. holy so freakin' cool!!! I'm loving the capelet idea. The other day I wore cuffs...and they were a hit. :) I said I was bringing a little London to America via Hungryhippie!! maybe a capelet is next?!
    OH, and I was wearing a bracelet (big charm one you made me) and gave out your hungryhippie shop address!!! :) eeeeeeeeee

  2. Beautiful!! love, love, love. And not to mention, I am feeling an 80s Madonna vibe that will always have a special place in my heart! xo Samantha


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