Stitched: Fabric Valentine Envelope Tutorial

This one I made with Chalk cloth fabric:

This envelope is made with regular cotton fabric and an applique plush heart:

*hand these notes out any day of the year*

This is the method I used:

a. Pick your fabrics & cut out envelope template.
(Cut a piece of wonder under as well.)

b. Make a fabric sandwich: place fabric piece (1) RSO (right side out), then Wonder Under, then other fabric piece (2) RSO.

c. Press per instructions on package. (I press for a minute or so, making sure to catch the edges.)

d. Pink all around the edges to give a nice finish and prevent fraying.

e. If making an applique envelope, attach it first, before we fold the envelope together. Fuse the applique with wonder under, press firmly.

f. Sew applique on, if desired.

g. With a hot glue gun OR fabric glue, place dots of glue along the edge and fold bottom section upwards.

h. Fold in side sections as well, same as above. Let glue dry-if you're needing pressure, use a book or clothes pins to hold in place while glue dries. (A glue gun is faster!)

i. Insert your note and give it to your beloved.

I was going to make a tutorial for this card, but these scrap card tutes are all over blog land, (I'm always last to discover things.) Try Dana's tutorial here.

This note has Burlap, Cordoroy, and batting pieces for the heart puzzle. I used a red sharpie to write my message and add dots. The brownish stains are from my 3 yr old's hands-she got into my stamps...Oh well, Gramma won't care. :o)

Quick Questions:

Q: How did I make the envelope shape?
A: I cut apart a paper envelope I had and drew the outline on the wrong side of my fabrics.

Q: Where did I get Chalk Cloth?
A:  Click HERE  (on sale now!)

Q: What is wonder under?
A: A double sided fusible web, you can get it HERE

Q: Can I sew the envelope instead of glueing it shut?
A: Yes, but keep in mind the sewing will show on the opposite side...and your note card will have to be smaller, depending on seam allowance.

Go sew ;O)

Questions? Email me or leave a comment, I'll do my best to answer promptly.

I'm entering this into the Iron Craft Challenge #5 this week. Check it out-a great website to discover others.
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  1. I love these so much, how cute. Thanks for sharing, I have a really big feeling mine will not be as cute :(

  2. We must be on the same page with all the appliqued hearts! Really Pretty!


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