St. Patty's Day Crafting & Sewing Contest

The Chicago River
Tinted for St Patrick's Day every year.


I remember in college this was (another) WILD Party time!
I'll never forget getting lost on Wacker Drive, searching for my friends. But that's another story...


Blarney Castle
Nov 2010

So, because I'm living in England where this day is NOT celebrated whatsoever darling.....

Let's have a virtual celebration & contest!

Winner will receive a super fantastic crafting gift package courtesy of
Sew Humble Beginnings  &  hungryhippie.

To include:
Various ribbons, glitters, books, patterns, fabrics, a green Eurocase, and much more!
Retail value is over $100!


Contest entry item must be made by you.

Any craft or sewing project is eligible.

Only one entry per person.

You must have made it this year. Let's keep it fresh.

Post HERE by March 15th
The winner will be announced March 17th.

I will feature entries on my blog and my Twitter---
by submitting your item you are allowing me to edit your photo as needed for clarity and appeal.

Post the St. Patty's Day Craft & Sewing contest button on your blog and link to this post, so more people can join in the fun.

(The button is at the top of my side bar.)



  1. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

    It's going to be even more fun to create the prizes!

  2. What a great idea! I'm going to have to think and think to come up with "the" one!!

  3. How do we join?? I'm going to do it...try to motivate me to come up with something creative!!!

    Ps. do you have any pics of when you were preg? I know, I know, but I have an idea...

  4. I just posted up some pics of my PictureBox quilt I'm entering on the Flickr page...I have lots more on my blog if you need a closer look!

  5. I just linked up! Thanks so much for the invite!


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