Sewing Clothes: Start Up Serging

I'm starting to Serge---you can too.

I'm determined to make my own clothes. Somehow.

This is a short circle skirt. Formulas for this kind of skirt are all over the internet. Want to make one? Try THIS Link.

 Below my top is made with "tattoo" knit fabric. I traced a t-shirt I own, adding a seam allowance, onto the wrong side of the knit. I then serged it together and added bell sleeves.
I love knits because they don't fray,
and they feel good to wear.

I made this spandex-y black shrug by looking at a store bought one (that I paid way too much for) and then traced the outline (very roughly).

 I like stretchy clothes,
if I feel constrained I can't stand it.

I serged the seams of these tops after sewing them together first. I learned the hard way to NEVER let a serger hit a sewing pin. It broke both my serger needles and flew off into oblivion-I'm lucky it didn't hit my eyes.

Yes-my shirt is on inside out. I didn't even notice until now. Motherhood.

Serging projects and TIPS coming soon.


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