Quick Crafts: Make a Vinyl Organizer

Organize with a fun twist.
Vinyl is wipe clean, see through, and strong enough to hold "stuff".

One piece of 10x10 Vinyl, Glue Gun, Ribbon, & Sewing Machine.

A teflon or non stick foot helps, but you can do it without like I did.

Fold over 1/8 inch and sew this to be a finished edge.

Hot glue a ribbon directly on this finished edge.
(This is optional, but pretty.)

Fold the entire piece Right Sides Together.
(The ribbon edge is to be the top.)
I put the long edges at the top, but either way is fine,
as long as the ribbon is at the top.

Sew together at the sides, 1/4 inch seam.
Clip or grade these seams so they aren't conspicuous.

Next, cut a one inch square from each
BOTTOM corner.

Here only 1 side is cut-do the opposite corner as well.

Pinch the side and bottom edges together to make your boxed corner. Sew this edge.

Sew across this edge hitting both side and bottom edges.

Turn right side out
 and fill 'er up...


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