Fresh & Fun: Sewing Vinyl Jewels

Hot Lips

Topsy Turvy Love Heart

Want to make some for yourself?
Here's the tute:

(Keep in mind I am a vinyl addict.)
More fun on the way soon!

*If you have a Teflon foot it helps with sewing vinyl
Also called "nonstick foot".
If not, no worries-just go slow and slightly tug if you get stuck. Or sprinkle a tiny bit of baby powder on the vinyl--it works. Just remember to clean your bobbin out later on.

Step 1: Cut 2 layers of your vinyl shape.

Step 2:

*a satin stitch is set on your machine by raising the stitch width to 3 or 4 and the stitch length to 0.5 or 1




Lastly, thread your ribbon, chain,or ball necklace through the O-ring and put it on.

Think of all the shapes you could make!
 Über cool-ness.

What vinyl did I use here? It's called 20 gauge vinyl-which is not super duper tough, but it has body. 

 You can get it here for cheap:  FABRIC.COM



  1. ok. i really really like this idea... it's totally got my mind going on the possibilities.. thanks for sharing! maybe it'll get me motivated to learn to use my sewing machine!

  2. I am freaking out! This is just fantastic!


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