Refashioned Japanese Baseball Tee

ummmm...what was I thinking? Seriously, as if I could wear this out in public.

If I was 12 maybe it would be cute.

As Lilo asks hers sister:
 "Why do you have to be so WEIRD?"

When I heard that line
(for the 45th time, (Mia loves Lilo and Stitch)
I cracked up.

Mia & Ruby will say this to me one day,
I know it.

 Is that a ponytail mullet?
Or a 1986 banana clip? O M G

Next I'll bust out the crimper...oh yeah, I still have one.

Stop the maddness.


Betsy Johnson

Susie MacMurray British Designer
Dress made of 15000 baloons


 Galliano for DIOR

I wonder how many yards that skirt is?

Outer Space Fashion

Gaultier of course

This is from a designer in Hawaii somewhere-totally fierce!

Buddhist Punk





  1. Um, ok. First of all, SUPER cute what you did to the jersey!! I didn't imagine that at all!
    Second, WTF, someone stole my space helmet.
    Third, you could totally make that Hawaii-outfit, can you find a super tight longsleeved tan shirt & graffiti it with tattoos?? The rest you could probably do in a day. ;)

  2. I think you are rocking that outfit you Weird MOM!!! lol! I vote banana clip (which kicks ass!) One day the girls will realize that you are the coolest mom evaaaaaa! lol! Do you ever just sit down and watch TV you creative crazy lady?!?!!


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