Love "Ewe" Valentine Pillow

I made a pillow that looked much better in my head....but when you're sewing with two hyper kiddos tuggin' at your shirt, well....
just let it be.

I'm putting this is the Blogger Pillow Party for fun. 

I even did some embroidery-a huge task for me.


Those black things are supposed to be ears on its head, not arms.
And I shoulda left off the feet-they look like utters.
Oh well, that's crafting sometimes.

(Good sport Mia) hangs out with "Love Ewe":

draft stopper ?

the method:

It was really difficult to sew these layers together, I had to go S L O W.

The head is made from my old Army hat, that scratchy black thing never EVER got worn. I figured time to cut it up and use it!

So, there ya go-- a well-intentioned pillow that turned out sorta....
umm....ugly cute.




  1. I think it's very cute! So creative!

  2. Ewe are so creative :) It's wonderful and cuddly too :)


  3. I think she is cute!
    Good luck to your blog!
    Come and see mine: http://papgenamadeit.blogspot.com/2011/01/almofadas-pillows.html

  4. Ugly cute- you are funny. Love Ewe- very sweet.

  5. That could be a super-cute hot water bottle pillow! A good way to trick those kidos into using a hot water bottle on an ouchie when they are hurt. :)

  6. I love your post - LOL. And, yes, she's cute!


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