Katy Perry inspired Accessories: a shortie tutorial

  I love Katy Perry.

She seems so...
F U N!!!


If you get a chance, watch her Mtv Unplugged episode.
It's awsome.

 I then went to work (freshly inspired, thank you Katy) on some accessories:

This is made with that bag that oranges come in!

(quickie instructions after the pics)

Rosettes in crimson silk with Russian Netting.

Large frayed-edge tie dye Bow. 
This has a double prong clip on the back.

Pin in in your hair, on your shoe, a blouse, a bag....whatever goes.

Midnight silk & chiffon headband with large bow, adorned with a vintage earring that I clipped the back off of and then glued on.


Here a vintage earring sits upon a silk rosette, with a double prong barrette in back.  

This is a great way to re-use
mismatched jewels.


The veil can be folded and tucked under the headband for a less dramatic look. It's cute, and it stays put.

Wanna play?

Gather headbands, fabric scraps, netting or orange baggie, glue gun, vintage jewels, faux flowers, and whatever else you're brave enough to use.

First, cut that metal thingy off the orange baggie.

Open it up and cut off half of it-now there should be a square piece of netting to deal with.

Pinch it together and add a dot of glue. Careful! Don't burn yourself.

Glue it to the headband with the glue gun.

If useing a faux flower cut that spine thing out first. You might have to re-glue the layers of petals together again, before placement on headband.

Lastly, glue on the flower or rosettes right where the pinched netting is,
to hide the attached area.

If you need help making rosettes, click on this link HERE


 Have FUN!
Let's see what you come up with.


  1. I love your blog! I just found it recently but I am itching to get to the store this weekend to buy some fabric and make some barettes and headbands!

  2. Clever idea!!! And such great results!

  3. You get inspired and act!!! I get inspired and want to make things so bad and then....... go get a bowl of ice cream! I love you and all your crazy cool treasures!!! ~Shelley


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