Quick Crafting-Moose Love

Winter has arrived full on.
Snow is on the ground,
the air freezes my nostrils, ice is all over the road...but I love it.
These are things I think of when snow falls: home cookin', fire on with crackling logs, hot chocolate, reindeer, moose..(? that must be the Alaska bit).

Wanna make one? Easy:

1. Free draw your moose onto a piece of felt. (Easier than you think).
Or print out my template below and use it as a guide.,

2. Cut it out, and pin this to a square piece of felt.

3. Sew around the edge of the shape, use a small stitch so you have control.

4. Cut it out--glue on your brooch hardware--done!

(click on the moose to print out on your printer)

wintery garden view



  1. This is adorable! I'd love to make one as an ornament for the tree!

  2. Thank you for your creativity. I am going to use the template of felted wool to adorn my son's new Christmas stocking.


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