Patchwork Silky & Minky Blanket


I have never done patchwork-it seemed too tedious for me. I have limited time and concentration when it comes to sewing, so I never tried it.
Well, I'm hooked! Check out this silky & minky blanket
 I made in less than 2 hrs...

(Made with recycled nightgowns that were super silky from Goodwill.)

pardon my pictures- I took them at night--oops!

Here are some squares I cut (in action):

pile of nightgowns:

ANYONE can do this if I can.  Seriously-all I did was cut out a ton of squares, sew them together (RST), and then made horizontal rows.
( I went 9 squares across).

Once I had enough rows to cover my minky fabric, I sewed all the rows together. (I layered the rows so that the seams were offset from eachother-see the pic above.) 

I put the minky and the silky patchwork RST and sewed all around the edges, leaving about 6 inches open for turning RSO.

Turn it out, and finish off this opening and done--that's it.

RST= right sides together
RSO= right sides out

It's not perfect, it's not professional...but it's a handmade gift for my daughter that she will have forever.

She has a cold, so I had to give it to her early! Poor bug.


  1. Hi Natalie:
    I think it's so clever that you cut up nighties! I'm sure your daughter loves this beautiful blanket that her mum made. You can now share the addiction with us! ;-) I can't get enough of patchwork. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend.
    Christmas blessings,

  2. I have the same aversions towards patchwork, but you have inspired me! Little bug's blanket is fantastic!

  3. The offset blocks make me happy! I don't like being perfect so this takes care of that! Guess I'll have to add one more sewing project to my list. Thanks for sharing this with us. Your blanket looks so comfy!

  4. How do you keep it from sliding off the bed???
    ;-) ~ Jillyfish


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