Easy Felt Bunting for New Years Eve: another kid friendly project.

How to:

Mine measure 4.5 inches across the top and 7 inches in length.

Felt is easy to keep nice looking  for years, and it's so easy to work with...oh-and it's cheap!

Sew them together with a running stitch. Just sew across each flag, lift the needle & pull about 2 inches, then set the needle back down and sew across the next flag. This keeps the flags all strung together, and it's fast.

in action

Hang 'em up & enjoy.

My toddlers helped me cut out the trianlges, well--sort of. :o)
 It was fun talking about all the colors and "organizing" them into piles.
......Anything to keep them busy during the holiday!

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  1. Thank you for sharing how to make one of these sweet buntings :-) So pretty!


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