DIY Vintage Christmas Gift Wrap- make it special.

musical note stamp OR fancy script stamp
ink pad
antiquing solution OR tea bag
white or clear glitter
adhesive spray
pretty ribbon

Stamp your paper covering the entire surface.

Spray the antiquing solution all over the paper. If you're useing a tea bag, rub it all over-it may take several applications.

Gather the spray adhesive, glitter, and a large paper for protection of  your work surface.

Spray the adhesive all over the paper, a light coat will do.

Now pinch up some glitter and sprinkle it on.

 Looks like sugar. I wanted the extra fine glitter, but couldn't find it here (in England).

Let it dry, and then wrap your gift up in it like regular gift wrap. Add a pretty ribbon and glue a button on for an extra special touch.
Here I also made a tag that states "For You" in stamped letters.


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