Space Saver Felty Christmas Tree (DIY)

Here in England houses are not known for their vast & limitless space...
...and on top of that I have issues with clutter and "stuff" in my sight.

So here is what we're doing for Xmas this year:

Easy for kids to help create, space saving,
eco friendly,
and no pine needles for mom to clean up after Christmas.

(because we all know mom is the one cleaning it up)

3 Simple Steps:

1. Draft a Xmas tree onto 3 yards of green felt. Cut it out.
 I didn't bother to make it perfect, the look I was going for was toddler-esque. (Or that's my excuse for making a lopsided tree.)

2. Tack it up to the wall either with tacks, duct tape, whatever. Then add felt ornaments and/or ric rac with a hot glue gun. I put up pom poms too-I added the glue dot and my almost 3 yr old put it in place.

In progress:

 Here my 1 yr old tests out a pom pom.

3. Cut out a felt star and spray it with adhesive. Add glitter, let dry. Tack that up too.

All done!

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  1. Aww, how cute! It kind of reminds me of when Winnie the Pooh draws his on the wall and tacks on a star! Adorable!
    Amber @ HandmadeHappiness


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