Scrapbustin' Pretty Brooch Tutorial

These pretty brooches are all made with scraps of fabrics-from silk, to taffetta, to tulle.
Have fun experimenting with your own make!

Cut out circles of fabric in graduating sizes. Mine range from 2 inch diameter down to 1/4 inch.

Carefully singe the edges with a lighter. (Have water near --just in case.)

I added a layer of tulle for more texture. Singe it too--peeeeu! It stinks when burned.

Stack the layers up on each other and sew together in the middle:


Hot glue a button in the middle.

Hot glue a brooch part on the back. (You could use barettes too.)

Cut a piece of felt out and slip it through the middle part,
 glue down the ends to cover the glue spot.

Wear them out. Give them to friends...so easy and cute.


  1. Beautiful! I'm sure you'll be handing them out, left and right! Hope you have a great weekend, sweetie.

  2. LOVE these! Great idea!

  3. Lovely easy peasy idea. Can't wait to try some out for myself.

  4. Hermosas!! hace tiempo que queria aprender a hacerlas. Gracias!

  5. Pink-- (Janet) I used 5-6 circles. As a rule I just make it look "full"...depending of the fabric, it usually is anywhere from 4-8 circles.
    Thanks for stopping by gals!


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