Making Clothing Unique: stencil a shirt with fabric paint

This is so much fun- all you need is freezer paper, an exacto knife or sharp scissors, and fabric paint.

You can design your own image, or print one from the internet (like mine).

I have two babies, so I stenciled a onesie.

 Choose whatever you like- think outside the box.

Canvas sneakers would be so PHAT.
(that project will be next...)

Step one: cut out your image from paper.

Trace it onto the dull side of the freezer paper.
Cut it out again.

Iron it down onto your shirt with the shiny side down.
See how it sticks? So cool.

This ensures when you are painting it, no movement occurs.

I traced around the circle with a fabric marker--just cause I wanted to.

(No need to do this-I am different in everything I do. Weirdo.)

Paint your image, like a screenprint: see?

Let it dry for a few hours.

and while we're at it......
let's make a funky shirt with those moving eyeball thingys:

Same idea--stencil the cloud shape on, then apply the eyes with tacky fabric glue. Let it dry for a few hours.

The eyes are washable, so the label says--we shall see.

I drew on the smile with a fabric marker.

 (Tulip brand is the best! Love them.)


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