Halloween Inspiration from Norwich,England

Wickedly wonderful buildings live all around in England...
a perfect backdrop for Halloween!

 I took these photos with a simple camera, then edited them on picnik. Wicked fun.

 Nightmare on Elm...

We're hosting a party tonight for 41 children in our village. Should be good fun.

Happy Halloween!

 Our paper Halloween Bunting

Jack-o-Lanterns Mia & Ruby helped me carve:

Our fogger works well! Look at ruby's face:

What's in there? Bugs of course-(fake ones).

 Mia is a candy corn here in 2008...I can't believe my baby is almost 3 yrs old.


  1. Great post! England is Halloween magic, really.

    Your little candy corn is beyond adorable (even though I actually have no idea what a candy corn is!!). Hope the village party went well... 41 is a whole lot of motion! x

  2. I can only imagine how much fun you'll have celebrating Halloween. I'm always fascinated by the old buildings...especially since we have nothing at all that compares to the age of these pieces of history.


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