Cricut and Spray Paint: Quick Halloween Decor ideas

Bust out the spray paint!
Here are some quick little projects you can finish in those (rare) snippets of time you have for home decorating:

These old candleabras were ugly & gold flecked--so I painted them black.

Here I used my Cricut shape cutter machine and cut out a TON of black Ravens..
.(really just "birds"...but we can imagine, right?)

Paint a flower pot in bright Halloween Orange. A pop of color should be fun for a while.

Add a veil to a skeleton for a creepy dead bride look:

Once again, my Cricut comes in handy. These are vinyl spinders:

on my kitchen wall:

This is a skeleton I bought at a flea market. I have it dressed up and she's sitting in our front yard (drinking a Martini of course)...

Spray paint a butternut squash:

Spray paint a broom and add some ribbon:

See the pumpkin sitting there on it? He sticks!

What are you doing for Halloween Decorating?

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