Sewing Clothes: Vogue Top in Fuschia

It looks really huge doesn't it?
I look 9 months pregnant.

I made this in a knit, but it seems  too blousy...

Let's try another angle:

Still B I G

I'm a Boeing 747--taking flight!!


"YA Gotta" have a sense of humor about sewing clothes. Sometimes they hit, sometimes they miss. This one is a major miss. Oh well, time to tweek the pattern.

The elastic bottom is totally hidden too--that was  a waste of elastic. Maybe I should make it a couple sizes smaller, see if it's any better?
Why do those measurements seem so --- off. (?)

On a happier note--here is my pretty fabric pumpkin.
Freshly made from my scrap pile.

YAY for scrap-busting!

What have you been doing these lovely September days?

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  1. Hi Natalie:
    I know exactly what you mean about a "miss". Some days, it just doesn't "go by the book". You're beautiful in everything you wear, but you're right. I don't think I'd follow this pattern to the letter again.


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