Make a skirt from a sweatshirt DIY

This skirt came from this uuuugly thing:

eeewwww gross!!!

1. Cut off top portion right under the sleeves so you now have just a tube. Turn inside out.

2. Fold down the top 1 inch and pin in place. Your botton section is going to stay your bottom hem. (It's already done for you!)

3. Sew around this new waistband casing on the top edge----all the way around. Now do the same for the bottom edge of the casing, but leave 4-5 inches OPEN for you to fit the elastic in.

4. Measure waist and cut elastic 1/2 inch smaller and insert into casing with a safety pin.

5. Sew edges of elastic together with a zigzag stitch a few times over.

Finished :D

I'd love it if you'd pin this project or tag me on IG if you make one.

 Happy Making!


  1. Hello

    I have gotten this sweatshirt from my bro.

    Is this a good candidate to be re-vamped ?


  2. LOVE it! Ridiculously easy. I feel a Goodwill trip coming on...


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