Sewing Clothes: 15 minute Shawl Tutorial

My fabulous mom sent me this leopard-y, shimmery, glittery fabric in the mail --- immediately I set to work!

(This is ridiculously easy.)

I like the look of the sari. I think it's so romantic of lovely. My shawl style is imitated from that look.

(Oh, how I hope I get to India in these next few years.. I mean geez, I have Sanskrit tattooed on my back for Shiva's sake!)

On with the tutorial:

Fold the fabric into a long rectangle, lengthwise. See the diagram below? The fold is on the left.

yes, I know...toys....
no way around it darlings....

Leave about 18-20 inches OPEN on the left side starting from the folded area. Sew the rest of the edge together (pin it first!)... See the picture?

Now finish all the edges as you wish. Serge them, zig zag them, sew a rolled hem, or leave them raw.

To add to this look, I then tacked the edge that hung towards the floor up to the corner under my armpit (eeeewwe! There should be a better word for that.)

Like this-above. Pin, then sew.
I need a tripod stat.

I added a fringed flower thing to this area later for decoration.


That was fast.

You could swing it around and wear it poncho style too.

This pic came out kinda neat. I didn't mean for the light to be like this, but it happened. I like the effect.

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