Mixed Media Fall Bunting Tutorial

 "Autumn Inspirations"  Mixed Media Bunting

(a tutorial) by hungry hippie


Gather Materials: fabric scraps, paper, glue gun, tacky glue, glitter, stickers, threads,ric rac, trims, twine, and whatever else you want to include in this fun freestyle creation!

1. Cut 5 squares of fabrics or felts, paper, really anything--you're choice. I cut mine to be about 6x6 inches.  Then cut another 5 squares measuring 6x7 inches -(One side will need an extra inch for folding over the twine, if you make this style. See below for details.)

This is your base.

I put a layer of fleece in between my two fabric squares to give it depth and stability.

(Match one 6x6 square with one 7x7 square)

2. Pin them together and sew "messy style"...it adds character and that deconstructed look.

I used colored threads to do this, and I changed colors for each square.
Have fun, there are no rules.

Now if you want to tuck your twine inside the fabric, extend one end of the square to be about 7 inches instead of 6 inches, so you can fold it down over the twine. If you omit this step just sew on binding or jumbo ric rac to hold your bunting together. Easy!

Did you know "archival" ink means it won't wash out? I didn't. I used this to stamp designs onto muslin fabric, then I messy sewed it on. Layer, layer, layer....

Use pinking shears to cut out felt circles to layer on eachother for a flower look.

Stack & Sew

I need fabric markers, so they won't bleed...but I improvised and used my sharpies here. Just some added color to brighten up my owl cuties.

 Hot glue on some buttons or beads, whatever you fancy.

Pull or tug on loose threads to fray the edges a bit.

Now lay out your thick jumbo twine, hot glue it down and fold over the extra inch of fabric to hide it inside. See below.

Sorry-it was night time during this pic-blurry... yikes.

See how it's folded and the twine is tucked inside?

Stand back, take a look, and add whatever you like.

You can make this a no-sew project as well, just use the tacky glue or a hot glue gun to mash the layers together.

U could do other shapes too-I liked the change of the square look this time.

super fun-no rules-free style


  1. So clever! Thanks for the tutorial, and the information about the archival ink. I didn't know that either! xoxo Donna

  2. So very cute. Love how it turned out. Great idea.

  3. Oh I love this!!! It looks like it took forever!!!

  4. Cute idea!

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  5. Darling! I LOVE owls, so that makes it even cuter :)

    ~Lori @ Paisley Passions

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  6. Very nice! Thanks so much for sharing:)

  7. Absolutely love it. What a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing!


  8. It's so lovely, especial and different! I love them.

  9. Possible to have 3rd graders make “gratitude” flags this way? I’m considering all white fabric. Then, once on the twine, we can let their feelings of thankfulness fly in the wind.


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