The Lolita Halloween Wreath (an easy and funky tutorial)

I love the name Lola- I considered it for my daughter, until my BFF in sewing had a daughter with that name already.
 I don't want to steal! Love u Lynds!


Wrap a wreath form with black tulle...wrap, wrap, wrap :o)

Pin in back to secure the tulle. See my red pin?

Pin feathers on to your liking.

Now it should sorta look like this, just keep adding texture.

Wrap fringy yarn around wreath.

Or whatever has been living in your craft space for too long...
(Let's not go there.)

Hot glue vintage jewelry pieces onto form. (Thanx again Marty!!)

I had this mummy doo-dad so I wired him on, just wrapping him up in white craft wire.

Bust out the adhesive spray and spray away....then add the glitter! (I LOVE glitter.)

Put paper underneath to catch the glitter fallout. Save it for the next craft adventure.

Turn over the wreath and pin the hanging ribbon to the back. I only needed 2 pins, but you could do more, or glue it. Make sure it "hangs right"...

Stand back and enjoy.

I added that white beaded necklace and some fabric rosettes for more Glam.

Like my furry spider? It was an old sticker! heeehee

On my very (old) and slightly spooky door.

and as an added touch of Glam:


  1. I love it busy beaver!!! I am done roaming the U.S. for awhile now and I need to scroll through and see what all I have missed that you have been doing!!!

  2. love this :) thank you for linking up to MMM!!

  3. That looks awesome. I would have that hanging in my house all year round...so cool

  4. AHH!!! I LOVE IT... and I love the name!! ;)


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