Friday Finds!

I found some pretty cool stuff at a sale last week. Thought I'd share. These books are from 1860. How neat is that?

Old & New London

lookin' good on my shelf!

Check the note out on this one: handwritten in 1916

I found a collection of hand stitched hankerchiefs for $1
Even if the style isn't quite me, I think of all the time and effort these are made of.
 Anyway, some day-they might just "be my style"...

Bo Peep

Somebody put a lot of work into this:

I bought it for about $1.50

I finished my cuff for Donna ..Here is a tiny sneek peek:

I'm gearing up for a funky tutorial posting, but it may take a few days.
Family first I try to remember! haha  :o)


  1. I love your books and linens, I always wonder who made them/owned them don't you? xx

  2. Hi Natalie:
    I absolutely LOVE old books! They're so wonderful...especially the images. Yours are fabulous. I just started working on your cuff and will be mailing it out before next weekend.

    Stop on over at Brynwood. There's a surprise waiting for you there!

  3. Came over from Donna's blog to visit you. These things are all true treasures. Especially books with handwriting. I feel the same when I feel an old linen, so prettily embroidered, that is for sale for a pittance. Seems a shame.

  4. Love the textiles because it's the work of womens' hands, generally speaking. Our work is that which is fades rather quickly yet makes a house a home, food a meal, and love visible.

  5. Hi Natalie. I just wanted to stop by and say congratulations on winning Donna's vanilla! She is such a sweetie. What a cute cuff you've created for her too.

    Wow you found some super things. I adore that colorful Alice in Wonderland illustration. What wonderful books you've found.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  6. Lovin these old books and needlework.

  7. Oh my goodness...I am drooling over the books. I collect antique books. These are great! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the comment on my blog. To answer your question...I figured it out by just playing around with the tulle and trying some different things. I'm not much for patterns. I'm more the type to just sit down and figure out my own way of sewing things. :)

    You variation for the tutu sounds great. I would love to see an adult version.


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