The Feathered Clutch tutorial

When I think of glamour, I think of feathered boas and Zsa Zsa Gabor...

...and quite frankly, we all could use a little glamour in our daily lives,"darling"...

I made this for a friend, for the Artsy Mama Sweet & Sinister Swap. She likes anything Victorian, gypsy-ish, and artsy.

Hence, the Gypsy Feathered Clutch.

Here's the tute:


Feathered trim: 18 inches (2 strips of 9 inches each)
Fabrics of choice Cut 4 panels of 5x9 inches  (Two for interior)
Material for Front band- 4 x 9 inches
9 inch zipper
fusible fleece or interfacing- 2 panels cut at 5x9 inches

Let's start!
 Iron the fusible fleece onto the wrong side of your exterior fabric pieces. If you omit the fleece, that's ok, but it won't be as sturdy. It might feel a little "cheap".

Set the back panel piece aside. Grab the front panel piece and pin on your feather trim. ONE piece at a time.

Make sure you like the arrangment of it, then sew on.

 Do the same with the other 9 inches of feather trim. See mine, it's black this time.

Now complete the band :

 Fold your 4x9 inch piece of fabric right sides together, lengthwise. Sew down the long side, leaving the ends open for turning right side out again.

 Turn right side out, and press so that the seam is on the backside in the center.

Lay it on top of the feathered trim, PIN, and sew it on slowly. You might need to up your sewing machine tension, or just go S L O W.

Now the fun part...get out your zipper foot if you have one (for the sewing machine)...it makes it easier.

Layer your clutch like this-for assembly:

Exterior piece RIGHT side UP, zipper with teeth facing DOWN and pull tab to the LEFT, then interior lining piece WRONG side UP.

Sew carefully along this edge.

Repeat for other side.
Layer your clutch again, only with the zipper tab on the Right side this time.

Like this:
Exterior piece RSU, zipper teeth down pull tab to right side, then lining piece WSU.

Sew along edge carefully, then open clutch flat and press.

 Now top stitch the edges along the outside, next to the zipper:

Now open your zipper halfway, and put the 2 lining piece together RST and pin.  Then pin the two exterior pieces (RS) together, and sew all around this square, leaving a 4 inch opening at the bottom of the lining pieces.  Yes, sew over the zipper too-slowly.

Flip the whole thing RSO (Right sides out) and pull the lining out to close up the hole in the bottom.

Tuck lining back inside, and you're done.

Sew pretty!

ewwee-my veiny hands!


If you have questions, please contact me at hungryhippie@live.com

I know it can be confusing, so I tried to explain and show with pics what I did.

Peace out! 


  1. Oh, girlfriend...You're GOOD! Love the clutch! I'm sure your swap partner will, too!

  2. This is too cute! I love your fabric choice and and all the textured feathers! Great job! : )

  3. I am done with following patterns on my sewing! I made the new Amy Butler cosmo bag and it looks awful! I was so confused! I am just going to follow your tuts now:)

  4. So cute come check out are site if you ever need some yummy new recipes. thanks and love your blog by the way

  5. Soo awesome! After seeing your tute I may attempt to sew my bridesmaids clutches instead of having them hold flowers. Thanks!

  6. Question: is fusible fleece the same thing as Steam-A-Seam 2? The stuff you use on appliques? Thanks.

  7. Andrea- fusible fleece is not the same as steam a seam. Usually the fleece is used to give body to fabric for sides of a bag or purse, it's thicker than Steam a Seam. I like to use SS for applique work. But definately try it-you never know, it may work exactly how you like. I used steam a seam for my "baby coin pouch" tutorial which is on the sidebar of my blog front page. Thanks,

  8. Such a lovely clutch, thanks for sharing the tutorial!!
    I linked it in a serie I'm writing for my blog (http://rock-n-roll-stops-the-traffic.blogspot.it/2012/03/diy-from-head-to-toe-5.html), hope you don't mind :D


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