Victorian Cuff Swap Tutorial #2

Another cuff tutorial for a little twist. Made with felt and one layer of lace, this version takes about 20 minutes.
Have fun!

Now you have the basic cuff.
Next we will make the flower adornment:
Do this at your own risk-
and keep a bowl of water nearby. Just sayin'...

Cut out various sizes of circles out of your choice synthetic fabric. (I use polyester, satin, organza, etc...) The polyesters seem to singe better.

Now carefully hold the edge of each circle over the flame a bit above it, so it crinkles up from the singe. Don't burn it! :o)

I use a clothespin to hold my petals so my fingers don't hurt.

Stack all the layers on top of eachother and sew together. (A few stitches do the trick.)

Hot glue on your button or bead of choice.

For my closure I used snaps. You can use velcro too for an easy option.
This isn't difficult, just read the directions on your snap kit.

My kit calls for these parts. See those teeth? Remember to line them up correctly, and apply so the female end meets the male end.

Now hot glue your flower on and you're GOOD TO GO!
How pretty...

b l u r r y ! oh no-so difficult to take self photos. Ahhhhh!


  1. Oh I need the snap on ones!! This is the most beautiful one yet!

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  5. Cute tutorial! Thanks so much for visiting my blog with such sweet comments :)

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