Sewing Clothing: Tunic or Tank?

Flip or Flop? I'm not sure yet....

I made this tunic out of voile fabric, so it's light and breezy. I took most of the pattern from  McCall's M5436 but added my own "stuff"  to make it easier and faster to sew.  (see below)

Forget elastic caseing for the waist---I just used elastic thread in my bobbin and did one pass around the tunic.

Fast, simple, and pulled in the waist nicely.

Action shot!

Oh---and  I didn't double hem anything-----
who has the time?
I just serged the edges and said "done". I like that.

The ruffles on the sleeves are with my new ruffle trick!

The sleeves are....big. I don't know if it's a look that works on me, but hey-I'll try it. I'm wearing leggings too-that look is definately not a great one for me, (bow-legged) but heck with it! It's Europe :o)

When I asked my wee one what she thought, this is the look I got:

awe, good girl!


  1. Ok... it turned out really cute but I'm worried about the first time you wash it.. the "no hem" might fray? Let us know how it works?
    Real nice....

  2. It's cute as a bug on you, sweetness! I couldn't pull off the look, but you look fab!

  3. super cute and love the fabric. Looks nice and breezy.


  4. It looks great on you! ....and so do the leggings. Now leggings look bad on me because I am not boe legged I am fat legged!!!

  5. Hey Hi, you may not even wear your tunic anymore, but I wanted to say I like it a lot, and if you shorten it, I think it could look better on you. You have great legs, wear the leggings but may I suggest a lighter colour _ er, perhaps one of the strong colours from the fabric of the tunic - esp. the plum or green shades
    cheers, kia ora, xVanessa, Te Pahu NZ


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)