Sewing Clothing: Top in Ten Tutorial

I'm lovin' this top. I'm gonna make about five more tops TONITE!  No kidding around- from sketch to sewing, this took me about 10 minutes.
(maybe because I'm not too picky or perfection-isty?)

You can do it too-go for it!

tutorial below

Yeah-I'm hiding my pooch with those stars! Horray for editing software!!! Hahaha

The Tute:

Choose a soft drapey jersey knit fabric.
 (I got mine here for $5/yard)

Fold it right sides together and lay it on the table to sketch and cut. Fold is at the top.

Now sketch the top like so:
 Small neck circle, 2 box rectangle sleeves, and 2 sides.
 Don't overthink this.

If you are unsure as to size, go wider than you think. Or use a top you already have, and draw around it with 2 inches to spare. (Or so)...

Cut it out.

Even it up.
 (If you're sloppy like I am---just fold in half lengthwise and trim up the sleeves to match.)

You only sew this portion (on both sides-yes, all the way down to the bottom). The top is already done for you from the fold in the fabric. The edges don't need hemming because this is knit. Isn't this great?

You're done!

(I hemmed my neckline with a zigzag stitch just cuz.... I dunno why.)

Flip it right side out, trim threads, and put it on girl! You rock!

Some big jewels really make it sing!
I'm ordering more jersey N  O  W.

Hope you like it :o)

peace out


  1. cool tut! I have some fabric I could use for a project like this. Now I just have to follow through!


  2. wow you are a tutting mamma!! way to go!

  3. First I LOVE IT but hate you for being so stinkin skinny HOT! Second, I picture you sitting at your machine (that you have graffitizied) and sewing from sun up until sun down. You only break to blog and model!
    Am I right!!!?!?!? ;)

  4. So awesome! I didn't know you don't have to finish the edges of knits...I've been wasting my time!

  5. How cute is that! Great job! I'm your NFF from TGC

  6. love it! found your blog through new friend friday and i'm glad i did. i am very very pregnant right now and nothing seem to fit right. i think this top is just the answer! thanks!

  7. Really cute! I had no idea how it easy it would be to make one of these! I'm really into the big tunics and skinny jeans and this would be so cute!

  8. LOVE THIS TOP! AND SOOO QUICK! Thats awesome...think I might give it a go! thanks for sharing Natalie!
    'peace out'...lol.
    ciao bella!! (that's what I say and dunno why...not like Im italian or anything!!)
    blessings (I say that too!! cos I mean it ;))
    jessie xx

  9. I LOVE THIS!!!! thanx for the quick tutorial!!! I have some pink jersey here that I may use for this!!! Soon I will make one!!!

  10. oh that's really cute! I have some Jersey lying around - I think I'll give it a try!

  11. This top was super fast and easy! I just cut too much so mine fits a little snug but I love it nonetheless! I posted it here: http://poppyfielddreams.blogspot.com/2011/06/my-new-top.html

    I cannot wait to make more!

  12. How hard do you think it would be to make this 1 sleeve???

  13. Very cute? Just for future reference when I try to make this myself, how many yards would you suggest? Thanks so much :)

  14. Thanks for the tutorial. This top really does take just a few minutes to make! I posted my version here: http://craftingwithcookie.blogspot.com/2012/02/ten-minute-dolman-top-my-version.html

  15. This is a must make, even for a newbie. Will post it to my blog when it is done, with a link back. Thank you! :)

  16. I agree with Em, the pattern seems to be very simple, good thing I just bought a new set of fabrics which I can use for this project. Thank you for the tutorial.


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