Random Works from Hippie Land

I love this quote--this is in front of the San Antonio Museum of Art.
 (My mom made that top, and now I can't find it anywhere!! dang it.)

Only about 35 days until the BIG Holiday Bazaar here on base...

What have I been working on this week? Let's see:

This one is made from the wrapper of that $9 Chocolate Bar Jen sent me!

My "Where U at?" Necklaces: made with recycled maps.

Cute magnet Sets made with Japanese fabric bits.

...getting silly with the Mod Podge again!

yes-the wrapper again...

...and more recycled maps being put to use!

This is just an old tacky coaster set I found. I cut out paper in different designs and mod podged it onto the coasters. Easy. Dry for 12 hrs to be sure you don't mess them up, (LIKE I did!)

oh...and having fun in the sun with my girls.

Stop back soon for a whamy of a project...is that how I spell it? hahaha


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