Oreos, sewing, & Color Pop!

A bit of a random post today.

I was trying to take photos of my second cuff tutorial, but they just were not working out....so here you go, some random things about me with some color POP pics.

(I must have color in my life. How 'bout you?)

That evil center calls my name every time.

Oh I know I'm not the only one that eats the middle first.

Ruby likes Oreos too.

I love salads. I could eat them everyday.

Tomatoes from Europe taste---better. I don't know what it is.  (?)

I could put Cilantro in everything I eat. Literally. LOVE IT.

I eat red onions with cheddar daily.

Now some pics of the ocean:
(Gulf of Mexico)

It was crystal clear, we could see 30 feet down--Stunning.

I love the ocean, but I hate swimming in it. I have a fear of sharks.

 (thanks JAWS)

I made this bag last night. I like Poppies a LOT.

and stripes----I go mad over them!  :o)

...and finally: My friend over at Half Pint Honey made me these cuffs last November:

I love the color PLUM
(I'm begging her to make a tutorial for us.)

Now tell me something about yourself. I'd love to "meet" you!


  1. WOAH! That bag is absolutely gorgeous. Such a nice orange. Such a great burst of color! I think its a great idea to just explore color. For shooting food and doing some good styling I wanted to explore the crayon box. Color is so elementary and you can build so much off of it idea wise. And I cannot not have LOTS OF COLORS in my life! Ruby is the cutest cookie monster ever!

  2. Love the bag too!

    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
    Have a nice day!!

  3. Hello! I found you through Swapdex,I am still trying to decide if I should join the cuff swap. I just took up crochet about a year ago so I love those cuffs up there! Lovely blog!

  4. Thanks girls for stopping by! Michelle-you should TOTALLY join our swap. I posted a tutorial on a non-crochet cuff as well, we are looking for all different kinds of ideas. Join join join in the fun....heehee :o)

  5. Hi,
    Just found your blog on One Pretty Thing, and am thinking about joining the cuff swap. Also, I share your love for cilantro. Just finished a salad loaded with it! So good. . .
    Stacia Roble

  6. Hi Natalie...thanks for letting me join your cuff swap...awesome! I love your blog..all your little tutorials are just so clear and make everything look easy. I LOVE your poppy bag/tote...thinking of making some ruffle bags as seen in some fab etsy store or other! Your wee one is sooo cute! Thanks for sharing with the world..have a great creative day! xx


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)