Making Ruffles the EASY way!

Oh my gosh....for REEEEALLZ!

No need for a ruffler foot--$$$$!!
Save that cash for your stash.

Turn tension dial all the way up on your sewing machine....

Yes..I'm a total dork and I write on my machines. It's the only way I can remember what dial does what.

It's also in case a Gremlin tries to steal my machine from me.

Now set your Stitch Length dial to the
l o n g e s t  setting (mine is 5)...

and RUFFLE away baby!

am I the only person that didn't know this?


  1. ROTFL, now why didn't I think of writing what does what on my machine! It has a couple of different dials and I have no clue what's what! I am going to do THIS and thank you so much for the ruffle how-to! Easy peasy . . once I figure out where the tension button is LOL


  2. First, yes you have to be aware of Gremlins with sewing machines! They do that crap all the time! 2nd wish you would have told me this two weeks ago before I bought a ruffler foot! 3rd you are so stinkin smart! 4th I would totally write on my machine! I like the way you operate! 5th I want the candy bracelet and am going to have to try to make one!!!!

  3. HA! I knew the stitch length would do something.. but I NEVER touch the tension!! I am always afraid I will mess something up and not be able to figure out how to fix the machine.. I guess I need to be a little more daring and figure these things out! ;)

  4. I just discovered this a few weeks ago. Ruffled like crazy since then. Then I thought that maybe it's just something my machine does and it wouldn't work for everyone, but it looks like it does. You are so good to share.

  5. I'm following you from Mama's Litte Nestwork! I WANT A SEWING MACHINE SOOOO BAD! I have oooogobs of sewing tutorial saved just waiting for my sewing machine to come!! BTW your Victorian Cuff tutorial down there! SO AWESOME I love it!!!!! :)

  6. ooops! I forgot to do this!


  7. Thanks so much for the comment and for the blog follow! I appreciate it! Oh and thanks for this tip! I'm still getting to know my sewing machine and I've had it for a year!


  8. I have been sewing for 40 years and did not know how to make easy ruffles.......you are amazing.

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